Natural Stone Backsplash Options for Kirkland Residents


Nothing ruins the look of a kitchen or bathroom like an outdated, dull, or damaged backsplash.

The only thing that could make it worse is the total absence of a bath or kitchen backsplash! On the other hand, intelligently-chosen backsplashes can become the highlight of your bath or kitchen.

The benefits of suitable backsplashes go far beyond just the aesthetics. A well-done bath or kitchen backsplash in any Kirkland, WA property can protect walls from grime and possible water damage, and can keep a bathroom or kitchen sanitary.

It is important that you choose the right backsplash option for your home or business. can help you with it.

As a reputable countertop fabricator and installer who has been serving the community since 2000, we also custom design and install backsplashes.

We offer a multitude of natural stone backsplash options to help Kirkland property owners create a unique kitchen and bathroom. The choice in bathroom and kitchen backsplash designs we have available includes:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Glass
  • Onyx

Granite and Marble Backsplashes for Kirkland Home & Business


Granite and marble are excellent materials for backsplashes just as they are for countertops. Both these natural stones:

  • Come in a variety of distinctive hues and veining patterns
  • Are extremely durable
  • Resist stains
  • Are unlikely to chip or scratch
  • Never go out of style

Not surprisingly, a large majority of our customers opt for granite and marble backsplashes for their Kirkland homes or businesses. We offer them a wide choice in granite and marble slabs so that they can get the perfect backsplashes to complement their countertops.

Our technicians work diligently to ensure neat and precise installation of our backsplashes. Moreover, while installing backsplashes with granite or marble, our experts take care to fill caulk in the joints where backsplashes meet countertops and also seal the area to make sure the backsplash lasts a lifetime.

Why Choose Us for a Bathroom or Kitchen Backsplash in Kirkland?


Hire skilled and seasoned professionals who will get your bathroom or kitchen backsplash installation project in Kirkland done with 100% satisfaction. Come to us, as we:

  • Offer the finest natural stone products for backsplashes
  • Entrust backsplash cutting, finishing, and installation only to our trained technicians
  • Have countless successful backsplash installation jobs under our belt
  • Believe in fair and competitive pricing
  • Offer a one-year warranty on our services

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to get a free quote on your bathroom or kitchen backsplash project!

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