Natural Stone Backsplash Options for Normandy Park Residents


A kitchen or bathroom won't seem complete without the ideal backdrop: a great backsplash. Installation of backsplashes is essential to keeping the walls behind the sink or stove clean and undamaged.

Backsplashes form a protective layer over kitchen and bathroom walls that would otherwise be exposed to the spills and splatters happening while cooking or washing up. Backsplashes also give a finished look to countertops and the kitchen/bathroom.

Considering the many functions it has to perform, the bathroom or kitchen backsplash in any Normandy Park, WA property should be made of a material that is:

  • Heat and moisture resistant
  • Resistant to stains and scratches
  • Beautiful, eye-catching
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard-wearing helps property owners get the perfect kitchen and bathroom backsplashes by offering them natural stone backsplash options. Normandy Park residents can come to us to get bath or kitchen backsplash fabricated from stones like granite, marble, quartz, etc.

Granite and Marble Backsplashes for Normandy Park Home & Business


Marble and granite backsplashes can instantly lift the look of a kitchen or bathroom from dull to luxurious.

Fabricating backsplashes with granite or marble helps the property owner enhance the bathing or cooking area with all the beneficial features of these natural stones, including their:

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind look
  • Rich, silky feel
  • Timeless appeal
  • Exceptional strength and durability

We offer granite and marble for backsplashes in many colors and designs. This allows our customers to choose the perfect backsplashes to complement their countertops, cabinets, and bath/kitchen decor.

We also offer the services of skillful technicians to ensure precise, seamless fabrication and installation of stone backsplashes in Normandy Park homes and businesses.

Why Choose Us for a Bathroom or Kitchen Backsplash in Normandy Park?


Does the installation of kitchen or bathroom backsplash seem like a minor job? You are mistaken! Your choice of backsplash can make or break the look of your bathroom or kitchen, and your choice of bath or kitchen backsplash installer can decide whether your money is well-spent or wasted.

Choose us when you need a bathroom or kitchen backsplash in Normandy Park. There may be many natural stone suppliers, fabricators, and installers that you can get your backsplashes from, but we are one of the few that you can trust for:

  • Superior quality of backsplash materials
  • Superb workmanship in bath or kitchen backsplash installation
  • Honest pricing
  • Great customer service throughout the job

To know more about the options offers for backsplashes, Normandy Park residents should call 253-639-1634.