Proper Countertop Measurement Steps Ensures a Good Fit


Right countertop measurement is of paramount importance in a countertop installation project. We, at, believe that the successful installation of new countertops starts with proper countertop measurement.

As a customer, you should focus not just on using quality products and engaging an expert countertop fabricator/installer, but also on exact countertop measurement.

You need to measure the countertop correctly so that your new countertops are cut to perfection. Precise countertop measurement is critical to ensure that:

  • You get an accurate estimate for new countertops
  • Your new countertops fit perfectly with minimal re-working
  • The material does not run short before all new countertops are cut
  • You don’t waste money in buying excessive material

Even the slightest of errors made when you measure the countertop can make your investment go to waste.

Make sure this does not happen by learning how to measure the countertop before beginning your project and giving an absolutely correct countertop measurement to our countertop fabricators.

How to Measure a Countertop


Let us show you how to measure a countertop.

When you measure a countertop, be sure to measure its front as well as back edge as they may differ. You should measure the countertop as if you are viewing it from above and your countertop measurement should mark important dimensions like:

  • Cut outs such as sinks and cook-tops
  • Backslashes
  • Appliance location

Make a diagram of the countertop layout and mark the countertop measurement on it. You must measure the countertop wall to wall, including the back splash depth. Measure the countertop width as well.

Wherever two walls meet, check if they actually make a 90 degree angle.

You are likely to measure the countertop (with a measuring tape) in inches. Multiply the countertop length with the countertop width. Divide this figure with 144 to get the countertop measurement in sq. ft.

Remember, the cabinet and countertop measurement are different. If you are getting new countertops for new cabinets, your countertop measurement should allow for overhang.

Finally, it is advisable to measure the countertop twice to confirm the measurements.

New Countertops – Custom Fabrication and Installation Services


After you measure the countertop and give us an accurate countertop measurement, it is our expert technicians’ responsibility to produce excellent new countertops that enhance your property.

We offer customized services whereby we cut and fabricate new countertops precisely as per the countertop measurement we get.

The combination of careful countertop measurement and expert countertop fabrication and installation gives you beautiful new countertops that:

  • Fit your space
  • Meet your needs
  • Give you full value for your money

For additional guidance about how to measure your countertop before ordering new countertops, contact at 253-639-1634.


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