Granite Countertops for Bellevue Homes and Businesses

granite-bellevue-wa is a one-stop shop for granite countertops serving Bellevue, WA since 2000.

We have always focused on customized services, fine craftsmanship and ethical practices to win the trust and business of the region’s residential and commercial property owners.

Our foremost goal is and will forever be the complete satisfaction of every Bellevue customer. We achieve it by completing every job with:

  • On time and within budget services
  • Top-grade granite countertops cut and installed to perfection
  • Granite countertops made in granite colors and patterns of our customer’s choice
  • Fair and affordable pricing
  • Friendly customer support
  • One-year warranty

Granite Countertops Provide Many Benefits to Bellevue Homeowner


Kitchens and bathrooms are probably the most important parts of a home.Most Bellevue homeowners strive to make them the highlights or show stoppers of the property.

We can help. We can install high-quality granite countertops in exotic granite colors that make our Bellevue customers fall in love with their kitchens and bathrooms and make their visitors go ‘wow’.

The multitude of choices we offer in granite colors help the homeowner choose the most suitable granite countertops to complement the existing décor so that their home conveys the right mood.

The advantages of our exceptional granite countertops are not restricted to the aesthetic. In fact, our Bellevue customers get several other benefits from them, such as:

  • Clean, hygienic, well-maintained interiors
  • Peace of mind with durable and low maintenance surfaces
  • Lasting value for the investment

Unique Granite Colors for Bellevue Remodeling Project


Unique granite colors are one of the key features that make granite countertops a great idea for remodeling projects in Bellevue. As it happens with any naturally occurring stone, granite colors and patterns vary from one slab to another.

Therefore, Bellevue residents who want their property to stand apart can make it happen by calling us in to install striking granite countertops in inimitable granite colors.

The wide ranging options in granite colors we offer include shades of

  • Black
  • Blue
  • White
  • Green
  • Brown

Our vast array of granite colors offers the Bellevue customers endless possibilities for matching or contrasting their granite countertops with the existing interior décor. Whether the setting where the granite countertops are to be installed is traditional, contemporary or eclectic, we are sure to have the right granite colors to go with it.

Find the perfect granite countertops for your Bellevue property at Check out our granite colors and design options today. Call 253-639-1634.


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