Granite Countertops for Covington Homes and Businesses


If the home or business owners in Covington, WA need granite countertops, is one of the best places they can come to.

We founded the natural stone countertop fabrication and installation business in 2000, offering first-rate, custom-made granite countertops in a variety of granite colors and other selection criteria.

We are committed to ensuring that all our Covington customers are 100% satisfied with the:

  • Options in granite colors, patterns and finishes we offer them
  • Granite countertops we install for them
  • Attention and service they get from our staff and crew
  • Prices they pay for their granite countertops

Our company is reputed throughout Covington for offering excellent solutions in granite countertops to meet diverse needs, tastes and budget constraints.

Whether it is the less expensive Level 1 granite in the common granite colors or the premium Level 3 stone in rare granite colors, we offer them all.

Granite Countertops Provide Many Benefits to Covington Homeowner


Granite countertops make a valuable addition to any Covington home.

Once homeowners put in time and effort to get countertops made in granite colors of their choice from experienced and reliable fabricators and installers like us, they can relax and look forward to years of great returns from their investment.

We assure the residents of Covington of granite countertops that offer the best in:

  • Beauty with their diverse and intricate granite colors
  • Versatility to match any home style/décor; can be used in kitchens, baths & more 
  • Durability coming from inherent strength and resistance to scratches, stains & heat
  • Easy maintenance with luster preserved with simple daily cleaning and regular sealing

Covington homeowners who utilize our services can count on getting well-fabricated and well-fitted granite countertops that are ideally suited to their needs.

Unique Granite Colors for Covington Remodeling Project


Before Covington property owners begin searching for granite countertops for their remodeling project, they must understand the importance of granite colors.

The selection of appropriate granite colors for the countertops lies at the heart of successful remodels in Covington.

The unique granite colors and patterns are what determine the distinctive style statement of the room the granite countertops are installed in. So, it is essential to select one that:

  • Coordinates with the cabinetry 
  • Blends in well with the décor
  • Complements the architectural style

We can help Covington residents make the most of their remodeling investment by providing them a range of granite colors to choose from.

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