Granite Edges for New Kitchen and Bathroom Granite Countertops


Granite edges or countertop edges are critical design elements that are chosen prior to countertop fabrication.

Your choice of countertop or granite edge profiles can have a significant impact on the finish, look and feel of the new granite countertops in your kitchen or bathroom.

At, we realize that deciding upon little details like granite edges can be confusing. Our helpful technicians and wide array of granite countertop edges make it easy for you to pick the right detail, the best granite edge profiles for your granite countertops.

We offer granite edges that add the perfect touch of elegance to the countertop and your kitchen/bathroom. Our granite edge profiles give a distinct character to your countertops and add style and dynamism to them.

We assure you of:

  • Granite edge profiles that complement your kitchen/bathroom
  • Countertop edges that blend in with the countertops
  • Granite edges that reflect your lifestyle
  • Budget-friendly countertop edges

Countertop Edges with Laminated or Seamless Edge Profiles


Custom fabricated countertop edges are a must to complete countertops. After granite colors, it is granite edges that dictate the personality of your natural stone surfaces.

Understanding the importance of your countertop edges, we offer laminated or seamless granite edges, whereby the skillfully carved edges get a protective shield to enhance their durability. In summary:

  • Laminated countertop edges give surfaces a smooth and seamless finish
  • Surfaces get an attractive luster with laminated countertop edges
  • Laminated countertop edges stay protected from damage

Our laminated or seamless granite edge profiles help bring out the elegance of your granite surfaces.

With meticulous lamination, we ensure that the countertop edges help surfaces integrate into the room’s overall design and also enjoy longevity.

Granite Edge Profiles Can be Round, Bevel, Eased, Ogee or Bull nose


Accentuate your kitchen or bathroom by picking up granite edge profiles to match or contrast its style.

From traditional round granite edges to simple eased granite edge profiles to contemporary bull nose granite edges to stylish bevel granite edge profiles to elaborate ogee granite edges, we have countertops edges to meet different aesthetic preferences and sculptural design needs.

Our amazing collection of granite edge profiles can give you countertop edges that complement your countertops perfectly and are ideal from every aspect:

  • Cost
  • Functionality
  • Cleanliness and maintenance

Whichever granite edges you choose, we assure you of a seamless look to finish your granite countertops to perfection.

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