Granite Countertops for Kirkland Homes and Businesses


The people of Kirkland, WA looking for granite countertops that last a lifetime need to know just one name -

We are a custom fabricator and installer of granite countertops that has been serving the community since 2000. We cater to residential and commercial customers and are reputed for providing top-notch granite countertops in myriad granite colors, textures and patterns.

We take pride in our stellar reputation across Kirkland and value the trust that the area’s residents have consistently shown in us.

We endeavor to maintain both through our exceptional products and honest, customer-friendly approach. To make sure all our Kirkland customers get the exact granite countertops they want, our highly-skilled technicians focus on:

  • Meticulous countertop fabrication, done to precise measurements
  • Impeccable finishing
  • Careful installation

Granite Countertops Provide Many Benefits to Kirkland Homeowner


Installing granite countertops is one of the most useful and profitable home improvement jobs a Kirkland resident can get done.

Available in a vast range of inspiring granite colors, these sturdy natural stone surfaces enhance the interior appeal and boost the market value of any property.

Kirkland homeowners love granite countertops for their:

  • Elegance
  • Versatility
  • Durability

We help Kirkland property owners enjoy the numerous benefits of granite countertops by fabricating and installing high quality products for them.

Whether our customers want to prepare their properties for sale or are looking to increase the comfort and pleasure in their daily living, we offer the perfect solution with our beautifully crafted granite countertops in incredible granite colors.

Unique Granite Colors for Kirkland Remodeling Project


The choice of granite colors is one of the most critical issues faced by Kirkland property owners when they need granite countertops. Selecting the right granite colors can often be the difference between success and failure of their remodeling project.

We make things easier for Kirkland residents with our array of granite colors, ranging from the beautiful, though common to the exotic and rare.

Made from a totally natural stone, granite countertops tend to be unique and all granite colors are not available everywhere. Moreover, slabs are priced differently based on the granite colors, with the more commonly available granite colors being cheaper.

We understand all this and strive to provide our Kirkland customers with the maximum possible options in granite colors so that they can get granite countertops that suit their:

  • Aesthetic preferences
  • Project requirements
  • Budget limitations

Kirkland residents can call at 253-639-1634to discuss the granite countertops they need.

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