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Onyx Countertops – Custom Fabrication and Installation Services


Stone countertops have a timeless beauty that cuts across style and lifestyle boundaries.

Whether you prefer the sleek urban contemporary, the laid-back country living or the antique and traditional, stone countertops can fit all design schemes.

Onyx countertops are one of the most beautiful and versatile options in stone countertops. Made from one of the rarer natural stones, onyx countertops make striking surfaces that significantly accentuate the space they are installed in.

You too can enhance your home by allowing Take4Granite.com to install rich onyx stone countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms.

We offer customized services for onyx countertops fabrication and installation and assure you of thoroughly satisfying services, delivered with the help of our:

  • Skilled and experienced technicians who work diligently with attention to detail
  • Advanced cutting and fabrication tools and technologies
  • Proven processes and stringent quality control measures

Onyx Stone Countertops for Home Remodel or New Construction


With their combination of beauty and functionality, onyx stone countertops are ideal for new constructions as well as home remodels.

Onyx is naturally available in a fantastic array of colors including green, red, gold and cream tones and it comes with abstract ‘veining’. This makes onyx stone countertops truly magnificent to look at and turns your project into a big success.

Onyx countertops are a little softer than a few other natural stone countertops. However, we help you enjoy excellent performance and longevity from your onyx countertops through:

  • Proper polishing
  • Proper sealing
  • Educating you about its routine upkeep

Onyx Countertops – A Gorgeous Addition to Any Home


Onyx has one of the most distinctive movements and unique patterning seen in natural stone slabs. This makes the lure of onyx countertops a bit stronger than that of other stone countertops.

The use of onyx countertops reflects the property owner’s distinguished personality and imparts the property a:

  • Mystic appeal
  • Classic beauty
  • Great value

Being lighter in weight than many other stone countertops, onyx countertops are very suitable for creative installations and placements. The warm and vibrant colors of onyx countertops give a dynamic beauty to these translucent surfaces when they are backlit.

Moreover, onyx countertops have a delicate and luxurious look that is unmatched in natural stone countertops.

If you want stone countertops that make a gorgeous addition to your home, our mesmerizing beautiful onyx countertops with their gemstone-like finish are just the thing for you!

Call Take4Granite.com at 253-639-1634 to discuss your project for installation of onyx countertops.

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