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Slate Countertops - Custom Fabrication and Installation Services


Slate is a wonderful natural stone that is a preferred building material of property owners who demand a combination of class and convenience.

Among the many uses of this beautiful, strong and versatile stone is its fabrication as bathroom countertops and kitchen countertops.

Slate countertops make graceful surfaces that complement any design aesthetic. Kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops in slate create eye-catching cooking and bathing spaces that enhance the property.

The evergreen slate countertops fit any lifestyle with their:

  • Rustic beauty
  • Distinctive look
  • Elegant charm
  • Natural warmth

If you want bathroom countertops and kitchen countertops that ooze sophistication yet look domesticated, get slate countertops installed by

We offer customized services, fabricating slate countertops as per specific measurements, and styling& finishing them to suit your liking.

Slate Bathroom Countertops are Unique and Affordable


We offer slate countertops with distinct textures, subtle color shifts and a variety of finishes. Using them, you get unique bathroom countertops that make your bathroom one-of-its-kind.

Some other reasons why you should consider our slate countertops for your bathroom are:

  • Slate bathroom countertops are non-porous and resist moisture
  • Cleaning slate bathroom countertops is quick and simple
  • Slate bathroom countertops are easy to sanitize
  • Slate bathroom countertops are stain and scratch resistant

An additional advantage of slate countertops is that they are relatively inexpensive. When you want beautiful natural stone bathroom countertops, but have budget constraints, our slate countertops make a great choice.

Why Choose Us for Installation of Slate Kitchen Countertops?


Slate countertops are ideal for installing in kitchens because of their inherent strength, density, durability and easy maintenance. And, we are perfectly suited to install your slate kitchen countertops because of our unmatched expertise and experience in the field.

We are focused on using quality products and working with keen attention to detail. This ensures that you get the best and most elegant of slate countertops.

Our experts take the stress out of your slate countertops installation project. When we take up the job, you can sit back, relax and count on us for:

  • Slate kitchen countertops designed to serve you for years to come
  • Slate kitchen countertops cut and fabricated precisely according to specifications
  • Properly sealed slate kitchen countertops
  • Neatly polished and finished slate kitchen countertops
  • Slate kitchen countertops that are carefully and impeccably installed

Looking for trendy and affordable kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops in natural stone? Check out the slate countertops offered by Call 253-639-1634!


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