Green Soapstone
Green Soapstone
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Pietra del Cardosa


Soapstone Countertops for Elegant Kitchens and Bathrooms


Soapstone is a naturally occurring material made primarily of talc, dolomite, magnesite and chlorite. It is the talc that gives the stone a soft soap-like feel and appearance, and also its name.

Soapstone comes in two varieties – a softer one with higher talc that is used for sculpting and artistic purposes; and the harder one that is put to architectural uses such as making stone countertops.

At, we offer the custom fabrication and installation of soapstone countertops. If you are looking for stone countertops that add a touch of elegance and lots of warmth to your kitchen and bathroom, our soapstone countertops are the right choice.

Soapstone offers excellent design versatility and makes a classy option in stone countertops for kitchens and bathrooms in any style:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Eclectic

Soapstone Countertops – A Popular Choice for Home and Office


In addition to a graceful appearance, it is the durability of soapstone that makes it a popular choice in stone countertops for homes and offices.

The non-brittle soapstone countertops usually require no sealing. Even the periodic care and maintenance done on these stone countertops is necessary more for aesthetic reasons than for performance needs.

Your decision to invest in soapstone countertops is a sound one because these stone countertops can handle years of high traffic use, and:

  • Do not crack
  • Are non-porous and resist bacteria growth
  • Are resistant to heat
  • Are non-reactive to acids and stain-resistant

Another reason you will love your soapstone countertops is because they age well. The patina that these stone countertops acquire with time only adds to their elegance.

The Natural Beauty of Stone Countertops Enhances Any Room


The natural texture and beauty of soapstone countertops cannot be matched by other stone countertops. No two soapstone slabs are the same and so, you get to enjoy stone countertops that cannot be duplicated.

The colors in soapstone countertops are very pleasant and typically range between pearl whites, off-whites and grays. The stone countertops may take a darker tone with age that gives them a distinct character.

Soapstone countertops enhance the room you install them in and tend to grow on you as time goes by. The milky look and rustic feel of soapstone countertops offer a pleasant change from the urbane sophistication of some other stone countertops.

Call us today to install soapstone countertops that offer the best in:

  • Beauty
  • Function
  • Durability

To consult about the installation of soapstone countertops, call 253-639-1634.

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