Tile Countertop Options for the Bellevue Homeowner


The countertops in your kitchen and bathroom tell a lot about your preferences and taste. Since they are also the most used surfaces in a Bellevue, WA home, you need to maintain them regularly.

If you have been thinking of replacing the existing countertops in your Bellevue home, choose Take4Granite as we offer a large variety of kitchen and bathroom tile countertops. As a reliable company dealing in tile countertops in Bellevue, we offer many services:

  • Consultation
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

You can consult our experts for help choosing the most appropriate kitchen and bathroom tile countertops for your Bellevue home. Our experts will guide you and help you choose the tile kitchen countertops that fit your needs and budget.

They will also explain the tile countertops pros and cons so that you know you are purchasing the best product available.

Backsplash Tile Options for Bellevue Kitchens


High quality backsplash tiles are a style statement and functional addition for Bellevue kitchens. With several backsplash tile options available, Bellevue homeowners can choose ones that can be cleaned and polished well.

Tiles that are rough or have a split face are not ideal for backsplash, as they are harder to clean. You can choose the appropriate backsplash tile for your Bellevue home on the basis of your taste in:

  • Patterns
  • Colors and textures
  • Combination with the countertops

As an established company dealing in tiles, we assure that we provide high quality services for the installation of backsplash tile in your Bellevue home. Our technicians also clean the job site well so that your kitchen is functional right after installation.

Bathroom Tile Countertops and Surrounds for Bellevue Bathrooms


More and more people are now turning to tiles as an affordable option for countertops and surrounds in bathrooms as well as kitchens. You obviously want to find a reputed company that provides a wide variety of bathroom tile countertops and surrounds in Bellevue. You can choose us for bathroom tile countertops in Bellevue, as we are:

  • Reliable
  • Recommended
  • Reputed

As an established firm, we provide quality remodeling services at affordable prices. There might be several contractors that provide tile bathroom countertops in the Bellevue area, but not many would be honest about the pros and cons of the different tiles they sell.

With us as their chosen company for installation of bathroom tile, Bellevue residents can rest easy knowing that their project is being handled by one of the leading companies in backsplash tile and tile countertops.

If you have been thinking of remodeling the kitchen and bathroom of your Bellevue home, call Take4Granite at 253-639-1634.