Tile Countertop Options for the Kent Homeowner


You want your home to look beautiful, of course, and there is no better place to start than with a remodeling project in your kitchen. If you are looking for a reputed and reliable company that provides remodeling, we can help.

We at Take4Granite offer a wide range of tile countertops for Kent, WA homeowners. As expected from a reliable company, we offer many services for kitchen and bathroom tile countertops, which include:

  • Expert advice
  • Installation of all kinds
  • Guidance on choosing the right countertops
  • Maintenance

You can rely on our fully equipped, skilled, and experienced technicians for the installation of kitchen and bathroom tile countertops in Kent. The installation of these countertops in your Kent home will not only increase its beauty, but will also add to its value.

Backsplash Tile Options for Kent Kitchens


If you want to enhance the beauty of your kitchen even further, you can try backsplash tiles for your Kent home. We have a vast collection of backsplash tiles in Kent to choose from. You can choose matching or contrasting backsplash tiles that complement the tile countertops in your Kent home with their:

  • Color
  • Texture and design
  • Material

Tile kitchen countertops, when complemented with backsplash tiles, give the kitchen a completely new look. Better yet, as they are easy to maintain, a tile backsplash is a very sanitary option for your kitchen.

You can simply clean off the dirt and grime on the backsplash tiles with soap and water, instead of having to scrub the walls!

Bathroom Tile Countertops and Surrounds for Kent Bathrooms


Another area where many Kent residents like to remodel with tiles is in the bathroom. We offer a wide collection of bathroom tile countertops for your Kent home.

These bathroom tile countertops will add that sparkle in your bathroom that you have been looking for. Using tile bathroom countertops in your Kent home is recommended, as they provide several benefits, like:

  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable cost
  • Style and material variety

You can choose our company to supply and install bathroom tile countertops and tile surrounds in your Kent home, as we are experienced and have the necessary equipment to complete the installation in record time. We work towards total customer satisfaction at all times, and get the job done beautifully.

If you have been thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and you are looking for the assistance of a reputed company that caters to Kent, call Take4Granite at 253-639-1634 today.