Tile Countertop Options for the Maple Valley Homeowner


Are you interested in having countertops made for your home with something other than the typical natural stone slabs? Check out the options offered by Take4Granite.com in tile countertops for the Maple Valley, WA homes.

Tile bathroom countertops and tile kitchen countertops are extremely popular among the people who want to have truly distinctive surfaces in their home. We offer tiles in a multitude of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors to assure our customers of highly customizable tile countertops.

We also offer them the option of having tile countertops made with a single style of tile or creating an eclectic countertop design by using a combination of different tiles.

No matter which of our kitchen or bathroom tile options you pick, rest assured that the tile countertops in your Maple Valley home will be very:

  • Attractive
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Hard-wearing

Backsplash Tile Options for Maple Valley Kitchens


Our inventory of stone tiles is not limited to countertop tile products. We also offer an amazing selection of tiles for backsplash in kitchens. We offer high-quality backsplash tile products that not only make it easier to keep the kitchen clean but also enhance the aesthetics of the cooking area.

We understand that the backsplash must complement the countertop and blend seamlessly with it. That is why we offer a wide variety of backsplash tile options for Maple Valley residents. They can shop with us for backsplash tile crafted out of different stone slabs, including:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Quartz
  • Limestone

You can be sure of picking backsplash tile in a material, hue, and veining that harmonizes beautifully with your kitchen countertops.

Bathroom Tile Countertops and Surrounds for Maple Valley Bathrooms


If you are looking to create an elegant and luxurious bathroom on a budget, tile surrounds and countertops would make an excellent choice. Stone tiles tend to be lower-priced than slabs but still provide the same lovely and stylish appearance.

We can give you top-grade materials for bathroom tile countertops and tub and shower surrounds. In fact, we also offer expert services to take care of all your needs for bathroom tile countertops in Maple Valley. These include:

  • Custom-designing of the bathroom tile countertops
  • Assistance in selecting the right products
  • Bathroom tile countertop fabrication per your specific dimensions
  • Tile countertop installation in the bathroom

Call 253-639-1634 to learn more about the countertop and backsplash tile products Maple Valley residents can find at Take4Granite.com.